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Past life regression for phobias? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Latest Phobia Treatments and News' started by Jade, May 22, 2015.

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    This may be a bit of a controversial topic as it origins and beliefs are spiritual but I thought it would be interesting to mention. My friend had some copies of the fate and fortune and chat its fate magazines on her coffee table and I had a read through out of interest. I’m not sure which of the magazines it was now but I came across a section where a man gives a person suffering with phobias a past life regression as he believes that fears and phobias can be linked to a previous life. For example if a woman is petrified of water she may have drowned in her last life. I’m very skeptical about this of course and there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to back this up but I was wondering what you all think? Is it just for entertainment in a magazine or is there more to this theory?

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