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  1. katrin1234

    katrin1234 New Member

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    Let's talk about our phobias, Share yours! and there is a list of 10 Weird Phobias that People Do Suffer from
    For example, i have a fear of bicycles. It started when a bicyclist knocked me down, this fear chases me. And i always stand like a statue out of breath,my breathing stops, when someone is cycling behind me.((
  2. Mark

    Mark Active Member

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    I have a weird phobia about running water which makes me feel really strange - gives me a headache and makes me anxious in a matter of seconds. You know when people are pouring water from a kettle into a cup and that kind of thing. Very very strange!
  3. Beattheblues

    Beattheblues Member

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    I have a phobia of watching people eat who are hungry. I cant watch eating scenes in Cowboy and Western movies when they havent eaten for days and then tuck into a meal. Strange but very true :)

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